Steve Austin was passionate about getting new umpires and getting them trained.  He took a few under his wing and nurtured them into the umpires they are today.  Steve was also aware of the struggles of getting started as a brand-new umpire.  Baseball is one of the most expensive sports to get started in as an official with new gear costing a minimum of $250.  That doesn’t include the uniform which can be another $200.  He wanted to do something about it.

The Steve Austin Memorial Grant will be presented to individuals who love the game of baseball, are passionate about becoming an umpire, and/or desires to move up to a higher level. There will be no discrimination regarding applicant’s age or gender.  This grant is to help cover costs of association fees, umpire gear and training.

The Steve Austin Memorial Board

  • Howie Beardsley – President
  • Tosha Austin – Vice President
  • Jack Miller – Treasurer
  • Dean Milstead – Secretary
  • Jim Van Eenennaam – Event Organizer
  • Gil Thompson – Advisor

Committee Members

  • Jim Aalderink