The “Steve Austin Umpire”

  • Takes the job seriously and has a passion for the job.
  • In appearance, the uniform should be crisp, pressed, shoes polished, lineup card used, and appropriate accessories used at appropriate times.
  • Game management skills are important, and both team coaches should be made aware of any special rules for tournament play, ground rules, etc
  • Professionalism should be unquestioned. Unbiased neutrality, safety procedures followed at all times, and appropriate crowd control . The game should be enjoyable for all.
  • Proper use of mechanics should be used at all time, along with a hustle and drive which gets the umpire in a position for the best angle to see and make a right call.
  • Good communication with their partner is essential.
  • Many can have these traits, but something special should also stand out. The umpire should enjoy serving the baseball community, and take great pride in an ever evolving quest to be better. The umpire should be seeking for ways to serve and give back; get as much education and training as possible, and also be willing to pass that education down through the ranks.